I have the great good fortune to live in a country where a barefoot lifestyle is not just tolerated but encouraged. South African children go to school, to the mall, to movies, to restaurants, to friends, to the doctor and in fact everywhere barefoot and no one bats an eyelid. If a shop in South Africa ever put up a "No Shoes, No Service" sign it would go out of business. South Africans simply would not put up with that kind of nonsense. I started this blog to promote a greater acceptance of the sensible and healthy practice of going about barefoot in those parts of the "developed" world where things have become more important than people and where people seem to have forgotten what is good for them.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Barefoot Athletics

Kids at school in South Africa do athletics barefoot

Under 13 Athletics Team

High Jump

Long Jump

100m sprint


Long Jump

100m sprint

Beefy boy does the shot put


Goofing around

Beefy boy does high jump too!



High school

Waiting to do shot put

Waiting to do long jump

And one sensible boy in the US of A

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  1. I did the same barefoot athletics as a child but I did them in New Zealand. I was an American child first though and there no kid would have ever been given the option to be barefoot for comfort let alone encouraged or God forbid mandated to for health. The last picture is very surprising. Are you certain that's an American child?